The Uphill River

Alzheimer’s disease
March 8, 2021

Questions and comments about the book are always welcome.

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  1. I’m eternally grateful to my son, Jason for all the hard work he has done to secure this author website for me. I’m new to blogs, but I’m going to give it a start. This book was a labor of love, recalling an exciting and at times scary journey for my wife and myself. Money was always an issue at the beginning, but we had each other and kept our needs simple. In this blog I would like to give people a chance to talk about disability issues – not just spinal cord or multiple sclerosis, end of life issues, patient’s rights, and anything else of medical concern. If someone has a diagnosis they don’t understand, I could try to provide some assistance. Obviously I don’t have a knowledge of all diseases, but I’m willing to investigate the literature and translate my findings into laymen’s terms. I am a good listener and am always willing to educate those who are confused.

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